Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Japan Tokyo Shinjyuku,Gihu-hida,Nagano-lake suwa Locations Summary


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I’m sorry. Test operation. English miss many.


Everyone Good evening (· ∀ ·)

Today also, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) ” We will talk about.

The other day, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) ” The results from watching was variously thought to my own, the final impression is” Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Was good thework” The fact that.

Or you’ve already seen?

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) ” In the metropolitan area of theater that screened we recommend that you go to the movie theater to the reservation and therefore ahead of time was also heard talk that does not put it’s just before in full.

By the way, I’m going to see again in the near future. (Lol)

Come still of the person.

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) “Is a movie recommended.

By the way, “your name is. “Is it has become a big hit box office revenue to exceed 100 billion yen.

Movie, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) “Was heard also talk is! Became Makoto Shinkai fans opportunity.

Makoto Shinkai director is, you also famous as a director to draw the streets clean background you know.

Looking at the past works and art book it is obvious.

So, how much draw a clean background.

Much trouble because I live close to the city, “your name is. I tried to actually compare been doing stage and became Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood and Gifu Prefecture Hida pilgrimage of “.

In addition, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) ” Also information about the Itomori town that appeared in I looked a lot.

Movie, Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Synopsis of


Japan’s contemporary was on the stage, the boy and the story of a girl.

“Mituha” is lived on a mountain deep countryside,taki is central Tokyo high school students.







Their should not of each other acquaintance is, one day you look at the dream of each other.

They are from that day, so that personality is replaced on an irregular basis.

Is each other also cooperation while puzzled that we spent the day-to-day of each other first.


However, it will run out of turnover a certain day in Sakai.

Boy that was worrisome, Taki is to go to meet the trefoil.

But reality surprising there is …


“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” Trailer

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” Locations Where ??


“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)”Opinion over the Holy Land has been asked many in the net.

Taki lived in the apartment.
Seems something schools and byte destination Taki attend the peripheral central Tokyo and Shinjuku neighborhood, Shinanomachi has become a main stage (the Holy Land). Located in the Tokyo metropolitan area, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” Since the Holy Land can be mainly in the train and walk, access is good think.

On the other hand in the girl, for the trefoil lived “Itomori town” is, Lake Suwa in the Hida Metropolitan Nagano prefecture of Gifu Prefecture has become a stage (the Holy Land).

Has intense Holy Land in Hida City and Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, most of the places you can Shuru by using the public transportation such as buses and trains.

In addition, around Hida, “your name is. If you have a private car in the way that has been studied the pilgrimage of “it is recommended to go by car.

Hida although peripheral was also when you are crowded road, I think because the parking lot was properly for each of the Holy Land and the Holy Land tour in the car easy.

When Even if you have no car try to rent a car rental is recommended because the pilgrimage is easy.

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)”  There is a Reality “Itomori lake” that?

However, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” I think I do not actually exist come appeared in and “Itomori town” because” Itomorimizuumi “is.

As I the Mituha living have atmosphere and world-view of the town Itomori of remains in the very impression is very regrettable.

Because Itomori town, we’ve selected a good part from a variety of locations believed he made a fictional town called “Itomori town”.

Such of the will became a holy place of the town Itomori in Hida and Nagano, the Holy Land of the yarn to protect the lake seem to be referred to as “Lake Suwa”.

So, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” when you are traveling a maybe Japan domestic. He appeared, There may be a place that is similar to the Itomori town.

Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood Hen

In, in the near Shinjuku, Tokyo, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” Together we will from the Holy Land “.

Shinjuku is so a place where there is strong feelings also director Makoto Shinkai, I’m coming out around Shinjuku also look at the past work of Makoto Shinkai director.

Holy Land of previous work “Kotonoha no niwa” has been appeared Shinjuku at “5 Centimeters” Per Second to Shinjuku Gyoen.


Footbridge near the JR “Shinanomachi”

First, here footbridge in the short walk in out of the south exit ticket from JR “Shinanomachi”.

I would walk to the person of quite destination to not know when you first went, we found to have a U-turn noticed some should see for a simple place.

Footbridge of the place that is in Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Holy Land is located just of the place out of the south exit ticket gate of JR “Shinanomachi”.

君の名は 聖地 歩道橋

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” The name of the pedestrian bridge that became a model of is” Shinanomachi Station footbridge “.

君の名は 聖地 信濃町歩道橋

Here is one scene in the movie ↓

It is a scene that “Taki does not lead also makes a telephone call to a “Mituha”.

君の名は 聖地 新宿

And that here was actually taken ↓
君の名は 聖地 信濃町周辺 歩道橋

Although the back of the building has been erased in the movie slightly, it is passable recall.

But, beautiful still better than photos of the movie picture …

Picture that tried to change the angle to climb a little from there ↓

君の名は 聖地 信濃町周辺の歩道橋

Like this.

※ 2016/11/02 postscript

Photos viewed from this pedestrian bridge near the JR Shinanomachi in Taki point of view also adds.

Taki is viewed with worry not be contacted and the Mituha landscape should … it was like this.



Although it is just a footbridge, it is around the same purpose as me? People who have the 7humans camera there were.

It is amazing I economic effects movie produces. . .

Immediately it has a growing number of Holy Land pilgrims.

Since the same I think that many people to the Holy Land tour in the surrounding JR Shinanomachi location I think easy to find.

Come on, let’s go clanging.

DoCoMo tower as seen from the JR Shinanomachi Station

Here the name of the building, it does say DoCoMo tower.

It came out from the countryside I know the first name in the previous work “Kotonoha no niwa.”

※ DoCoMo tower Come worring because it appeared even previous work “Kotonoha no niwa.”

This time, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” in had appeared perfectly even.

Here in one scene of the movie ↓


Photos here took this time ↓

君の名は 聖地 信濃町近くより

Here is a reproduction of high!

Unfortunately, the morning sunrise scene did not take.

That time I was sleeping in Chiba.

The location is the way to walk with the aim of footbridge from JR Shinanomachi.

Walk while watching the left to the south exit ticket gate of JR Shinanomachi comes out the location of such a composition.

Well, you know if you walk.

The other people are holding a camera if you do not know go to a place where stood is easier.

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” The key visual is “Suga Shrine “

君の名は聖地 場所

This location is was amazing.

What I amazing, a lot of great people you are coming by me and also shooting purpose.

Was the roughly 20 people.

Because it also had come to the falling instead turnover, it would be equivalent to come that’s one day.

Now the most popular seems to be the spot.

“Suga Shrine” of location is completely in the residential area.

I feel that I watched from the side on which climbed the stairs of the “Suga Shrine”, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” It has become of the background scene of the official website and movie flyer advertising.

In, there is a shrine where the curved to the right up the stairs.

君の名は 聖地 須賀神社 新宿

And, here is the movie “Your name is. Is the official website of “↓


In, the Holy Land as seen from where it climbed to the top of the stairs of the shrine Suga is here ↓

君の名は 聖地スポット

君の名は 聖地 神社

Because indeed residential does not go with the “depiction to 100 percent realistic,” but recall is quite high.

Normally moment I saw in the eyes now it “This is it!”!

By the way, I think that can be seen if those who saw the movie, but “Taki” and “Mituha” as an adult in the film the last scene of you there is a scene that pass each other on the stairs, was a model (the Holy Land) of the portion of this but it was stairs.

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Climax in the appearance was cut – Suga road to the shrine –

※ 2016/11/02 postscript

In addition we have taken several shots at the add photos of Suga Shrine because errands there was to go to Shinjuku nearby.

This is way to the shrine Suga.

Your name is. At the end, Taki and Mituha are passing each other on the train, running around looking for each other on the stairs of the last Suga Shrine, “your name is. The movie was finished to hear that. ”

I tried to take the road to the Suga Shrine of up to go to the scene.



Walk the road Suga shrine you will see.

Taki from the bottom, trefoil is walked from the top



Just passing each other in the middle of the stairs, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)?” had heard that.

Just is this place.


In addition, your name to the vending machine, but is good, even if the nearby Suga shrine. It is a design that has benefited from the economic effect.

I also I was allowed to buy one.

Since the Holy Land pilgrimage is greater antipathy from the local residents …

I think let’s drop as much as possible money.


“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” It is that it’s the Holy Land, I tried to synthesized in photoshp so easy to understand.

As an aside.

Using Photoshop from back home after a long time, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” The Holy Land and the illustrations of I tried playing with the synthesis.

After a long time I used properly the Photoshop.

This is a photo I took ↓

君の名は 聖地巡り 写真合成してみた

And I tried to synthesize the Taki and Mituha ↓

君の名は 聖地 合成してみた

Because the guy you’ve pulled Well Papatto in about 30 minutes but is a little sloppy …

I was surprised to not match with surprisingly realistic photo.

Was a good pass the time (laughs)

But it is easy compared to try to synthesize what was the Holy Land pilgrimage in Photoshop like this.

boy Taki-kun lived in Apartment

Apartment where the Taki-kun was living.

Here was no good.

The fact that because no good could not be looking for in their own research capabilities.

The phrase pilgrimage blog, take from a little high places walked from Shinanomachi to Yotsuya Station district.

Because there was information of the, did you What’s Near Yotsuya Station, but I have to give up because I did not know isnt somewhere.

So important research.

This, it was good by examining properly before you really go …

Well, I have put only photos taken since no choice. ↓

君の名は 聖地 瀧マンション

君の名は 聖地 瀧のマンション場所

In, photos of wanted to take is here ↓

君の名は 聖地

Yeah, completely different.

Mansion live in Taki-kun was not able to discover.

Cheers for good work. Go next by me.

School road of the waterfall in the near JR “Yotsuya Station”, JR “Shinanomachi”

※ 2016/11/02 postscript


Has become a holy place of the school road of Taki is the intersection where there is a signal of near Meiji Jingu Outer Gardens front from JR Yotsuya Station, Shinanomachi.

To the intersection that became a school road of Taki is there is a street that ginkgo was planted, was perfect for a walk.



Here it will be the street of Meiji Jingu Gaien front, which has been on the school route of Taki-kun ↓

It was a lot of people seem to have had events today.


Here it is the Meiji Shrine.


Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) In use has been cut here ↓


Since the little people there were many today they were rounded up and taken with a long distance.

Apparently is a pattern that has been held “Tokyo Design Week 2016” in the Meiji Shrine.

It is where the exhibition is anxious as I that went to design school until last year, but you hurry ahead.

It was a good exercise because recently had been working in the room holed up.

Where the JR Yotsuya Station “Taki” and “Okudera Senior” had a Dating waiting.

※ 2016/11/02 postscript

It was a square in front of JR Yotsuya station where the Taki and Okudera seniors met in the movie ‘Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)’.




Climbing the stairs from there



Starbucks coffee on the Shibuya Tsutaya

※ 2016/11/02 postscript


I was able to get as shooting With the telephoto lens from just around the corner out of the JR ticket gate of Shibuya Station.


Here is Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Of PV even used are of Shibuya had Tsutaya and Starbucks coffee cut.

It should have been roughly cut of something like this.

Taki-kun of bytes destination Italian restaurant “Cafe La Bohéme”



If there are errands to go to the Shinjuku Gyoen is a byte destination of there in the path is Taki-kun.

This store has become a prestigious high restaurant by the NG if it is not also accompanied by an adult intrusiveness of less than 20 years of age after six o’clock in the evening or there is a dress code.

Shinjuku police station behind the intersection

Foot soon also limit.

Urban movement means is the taxi guy limited to a certain gold and train and on foot.

Since I no money to east from Shinjuku Station on foot and walk to the west to the south …

I was pretty walked in one day today …

Actually I wanted to also go Toka Shibuya, last will to the end to take a Shinjuku police station behind the intersection that has been used even “zen zen zense” of RADWIMPS because it was already impossible.

First panorama.

iPhone of the panorama feature is surprisingly convenient.

In particular, for the purpose of recording the information or it is not of being useful than video.

In, Pashari the Shinjuku police station behind the intersection ↓

新宿 新海誠 聖地

This spot is Good Desing.

I’m here is interesting.

But Shinjuku Toka scary to drive …

In, photos of wanted to take is here ↓

君の名は 聖地 新宿警察署交差点Taking photos is here ↓
君の名は 聖地 新宿交差点

Here it is also reproduce a high degree.

Angle has slightly different, but it was achieved somehow because the angle of view of the camera was now full.

I wonder if it may be a shot in the evening –

I like Shinjuku also Makoto Shinkai director in the.


Tokyo Shinjuku and in the vicinity of Shinanomachi “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)”. Holy Land is like this, which has become a model of.

Extra time because you have cut corners of the preliminary investigation of the Holy Land was the hooked pilgrimage, but was able to Shuru in one day because the distance manner not away up there.

Even so, it is a beautiful person of Makoto Shinkai director of painting than photography.

So what that sense of realism when you’re watching a movie, I feel that Hairikomeru the story also was amazing.

Whopping say or highlight.

Holy Land information of a Mituha has lived with “Itomori  town” “Itomorimi lake”


Well, I would like you dig just a little bit more about the Holy Land lived a little San’yo that I mentioned “Itomori town” at the beginning.

Part of the “Itomori town” is, there certainly in Hida, Gifu Prefecture.

School route to and from school the three-leaf attend, model and became “Miya mizu shrine” in the mouth chewing wine and, like shrine that appeared on the scene through which “Zen zen zense” of RADWIMPS in the play is Hida and alpine of Gifu the city you will find the Holy Land.

Also, in the scene in which Taki come to Itomori the town to look for a trefoil, it has become a model in Hida, such as a scene eat JR Hida furukawa and Miyagawa-cho of Ochiai bus stop (bus stop near JR Kadokawa station) and Gohei rice cake There is a holy place.

However, in the Hida I mountain of this feeling is no. ↓ this ↓

君の名は 聖地 糸守町

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” In the story of had not been introduced was able to meteorite fall in the old days is that it is” Itomori lake, “but, lake with such a history is not unfortunately in Japan.

So personally I result tried make a speculation, still with respect to the entire landscape-cho Itomori “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” It will be that it’s the city of the newly created fancy.

However, because there were things much the same person who “Itomori lake”, I’d like to introduce you to there.

Oh, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” He appeared in what is said to be the model of “Itomori lake” is Lake Suwa”.

In fact, “Lake Suwa” It seems the fans are visited many in the Holy Land pilgrimage.

In this corner, I was looking for a strictly “personally it ish place! Only me. ”

The thread protect lake-ish Holy Land 1 “Pingualuk Lake”

It seems that the “Pingualuk Lake” in as some overseas.

引用: 隕石によってできた湖「ピングアルク湖」異世界のような雰囲気が神秘的すぎる

This is the lake made by properly “fall of the meteorite.”

But is like that, and much is said, it will feel like around the Itomori town was not so much lumpy.

Holy Land Part 2 “Yamagata Zao Okama”


I tried introducing it because it was similar.
It is my local.

Holy Land 3 “Hishima Aogashima of Tokyo”


The name is similar, but in the “Onigashima” without “Aogashima”.

It’s once an island that belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Transportation is poor, because also depends on, such as the weather does not go only by boat or helicopter, seems to who “can only be landed chosen person island,” he or called.

Personally, your name in the movie theater. This “from the moment I saw, I Ja Aogashima the stage (the Holy Land) ?? How can I thought I “…

It looks like different.

Well, it does not matter at all because the terrain made of volcanic …

Here also I’m starry sky is really beautiful.

Toka’m beautiful breathtaking anything.

Dongfeng is the starry sky ↓


… Try to go to play in the near future.

Come If you Everyone was worrisome (· ∀ ·)

Gifu Prefecture Takayama Hen

Then is in the Hida City and Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” We will collectively Holy Land.

In “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” on this page. Summarizes carefully selected pilgrimage only, but please see if it is good because it has also summarized pilgrimage information in another article and Swift travel diary, A Silent Voice.

This place Gifu seems there are many anime that is a holy place.

For example, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” introduced here,’Hyouka Kyoto-Animation’,’Koe no katachi Kyoto-Animation’ ext.

It works Gifu has become a model in addition to seem more and more lately.

In anticipation of it, before you visit so it seems that the rise also something souvenirs and collaboration planning for the fan to perform the pilgrimage Check it out.

School road of a “Mituha”scene across the railroad crossing.”


Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) is the one cut that was also published in the trailer.

Girl who yearn to urban, Mituha is I went to the railroad crossing that has become a school road model of attending to school (Holy Land).


Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) is the one cut that was also published in the trailer.

Girl who yearn to urban, Mituha is I went to the railroad crossing that has become a school road model of attending to school (Holy Land).

Because this place is there is no address has become a holy place of the school road of Mituha If you are interested so and write the GPS coordinates, try devoted the following coordinates directly to the search window, such as Google Maps.

I think that place will come out.


I received a comment, railroad crossing, which was introduced in here, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” It does not seem to be a sacred place.

Been deceived by the information in the reference seems to have gone to the Holy Land tour.

This is why it is important I research.

By the way, the railroad crossing that has become a school route of the “Mituha” is a pattern not correct in such theories.

※ Since the official has not been announced is the current situation that the fans are the Holy Land pilgrimage in the speculation.

School road of a Mituha scene to walk the rice field road.


It is a scene the Mituha comes home saying bad of the town Itomori.


Here I think it is just the way across the railroad crossing that is a sacred place of the school road of the Mituha that was just introduced.

Indeed until the bike was it is impossible to reproduce bring but I think that it is similar passable.


It looks like looking at the railroad crossing from the opposite side.

Although the traffic volume is small, to scare off quickly so much because the idling and the road stationed do not like (to complain or was hit is very unpleasant because) Papatto shooting about 3 minutes.

By the way, it is impossible seems too narrow to label previously to pass through the crossing in the Swift.



Next we went to the “Hida-furukawa”.

This station has become a holy place of the scene that Taki come to Itomori the town to look for a Mituha.

By the way, since the back side of the Hida-furukawa there is ample free parking is convenient when you come to use that.

Appearance of Hida-furukawa is like this.



Ticket waiting room of Hida-furukawa also appeared in the movie.


Not that this Hida beef, saw?


So, your name is. But it has appeared in such feeling.


※ This Hida cow it seems to your local Yuru-Chara, which named “Hidakuro-chan”.

The shop behind photo seems to stand in the JR Takayama Station has become a model, but had gone past inadvertently when you are the Holy Land pilgrimage.

… I think I want to shoot if there is a next go opportunity.

Hida-furukawa Bridge (footbridge)

Well, your next is the bridge in the Hida-furukawa.

Since we had been picked up even something several television I think in you know are many.


Just It is this cut ↓

Train runs Hidafurukawa is the once a JR line, but it is a very small number.

However, it found that the train is coming from I went time after about 10 minutes!


This was taken waiting in the fact that there is only waiting for is here ↓



Miraculously train but not eyeing came.

But it is not good because it runs out of luck in this kind of place …

This day was also chatter and are a lot of people who might be doing the pilgrimage.

Here is 10 minutes before the photo of Hida Furukawa Bridge.


Then something like this when it comes to a few minutes before coming train ↓


It is amazing I movie of economic effect.

It only Makoto Shinkai director was raised to create the work of is still amazing.

Your name is on the shooting spot of Hida Furukawa Bridge. Posters and say “Yo good to shoot from here” poster is.

The Holy Land pilgrims are welcome information.


In addition, it is affixed to the timetable of your carefully Hida-furukawa.

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Of the person who is the Holy Land pilgrimage you do not maybe even better come together in this time.


The train has got off everyone in droves after gone.

As an aside, was like a few people and the destination that was in here was with, I saw in other places Yara library.

I think no longer a good level also make a tour.


By the way, because I had parked the car in the back parking lot of Hida-furukawa I tried to take the Hida Furukawa Bridge from the back side.

It is it is the middle of the brown and white.


Entrance is like on the other side.


Hida-Furukawa Station taxi stand

Scene that Taki is a narrowing hear about yarn to protect the town.

Hida Furukawa taxi stand there in front of the station has become the Holy Land.

The scene is here ↓


In, was actually shooting here ↓


Fine part is a little different, but such as the shape of the roof of a watch or a tourist office part is fairly similar.

Also was the same also the name of the taxi.

Recall is high.

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” Stroll the stage and became Hida city of

Hida city is Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) the range circumference is walking in as wide. Since the Holy Land had been dense decided to explore the Holy Land tourism’s a long-awaited temple.

Car and walk parked in the parking lot of Hida-furukawa.

↓ This is shopping district of Hida Furukawa Station.

It’s pretty even street lights one take.


The were many on the way to the Holy Land was the Mr. soba.

What famous in this side?


Click here for your soba’s In “Nakaya”, Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” Rather than near you. Towards bringing the stub of the movie by I seems to have prepared a gift.

I am happy spot in the Holy Land pilgrims.

You can grasp the economic effect of again movie.


In another shop, it was seen as shops that are available, such as discounts and gifts often.

When you stroll the Hida city, “your name is. A movie and a half tickets, “it may be you have.


Hida City Library

Well, it is quickly arriving and are exploring the Hida city.

Really your name in Hida city. It is fun just to walk because the Holy Land is dense enough interesting.

Here is the place where Hida City Library and Hida City Hall has become together.


First from Hida library.


Here is the entrance of Hida library.


Hida library is appeared in the library in the context of important “turn” in the story structure also of “cause-approval Ten sintered” in the movie.

I There were also a number of Holy Land pilgrims when visiting.


From the perspective of tourists here your name is. Only the fact that the Holy Land, but it is just a library for the local people.

There is no Care About the Holy Land. ※ The Gifu Prefecture, not movie theaters 1 Tsumo “your name is. Residents are often not seen the movie itself. ” (Certain convenience store clerk information)

So, manners is really important.

So different from the purpose if it is intrinsically a good place even as a “shooting prohibited”, received a “shooting permit” at the reception, shooting OK and that if lowering the name tag.


But is it a condition that not reflected the face of other people, on shooting OK for the corresponding God’s okay to up on the net.

I was greeted rather warm disturbing should be the Holy Land pilgrims not to profit of 1 yen.

However, the Mashi here Misuri.

Data taken a scene that Taki in the essential of the desk is the examined object had disappeared.

So please enjoy the photos of bookshelf ↓




It is really beautiful library be in.

I attend without Once … definitely there to local is this library.

Or I’ll emigrated anymore better yet to Hida …

Was it about good city and the library.

In one corner of the bookshelf, “your name is? Where are you from? “Nante was written.

Had it cocked variety is written to put the notes.

… Probably everyone picture Umasugi.


It is scare off without calyx 10 minutes so sorry be too long.

Hida library’s, God thank you correspondence.


Model of Itomori town hall Hida City Hall

Also became the office of the model (the Holy Land) cho Itomori, it seems Hida city hall next to the Hida library.

It is a father of the office of the trefoil.



2016/10/26 postscript

Model of Itomori town hall is not a Hida City Hall, is “Katsuragi Town Hall” is the correct answer.

It is a modified because I had you pointed out.


Now that we have vacant soon Kobara, your name is. The Holy Land pilgrimage while, to eat the famous “Gohei rice cake” in Hida.

I mean, this place is also your name is. It’s where they appeared in.

“Ajidokoro Furukawa” is, the shop is in the range within walking distance from Hidafurukawa.

Located in Hida City Hall and Hida City Library and the close location.

Here, it’s okudera senior and Tsukasa had to eat rice cake Gohei. It is this shop.

%e5%90%9b%e3%81%ae%e5%90%8d%e3%81%af-%e8%81%96%e5%9c%b0_%e5%91%b3%e5%87%a6%e5%8f%a4%e5%b7%9dName is Ajidokoro Furukawa”.

To the outside your polite poster of “our shop”.

It seems no doubt here.


Try once compared ↓


According to the clerk’s story, Toka do this wood lattice is in the background.

You like that if say so.

It is gentle on whether friendly feel say that it is good really more of Hida be in.

Ordered Gohei rice cake is here ↓


Characterized by a surface baked glutinous rice are crisp.

Among the whets the appetite Yes painted is Hida peculiar to or sweet salty miso with rice cake rice cake.

But is long-awaited good come Once pilgrimage to Hida, where the delicious thing about even one want to eat.

In this “Ajidokoro Furukawa”, it is one of the holy places you want to go by all means so delicious Gohei mochi is eaten in the Holy Land.

Hida Furukawa can also “Sakura Bussan Museum” In the braid making experience

Well, are you following the “braid” making experience.

The braid, your name is. Beautiful string the Mituha had been wearing in the play.

Hida Furukawa in “Sakura Bussan Museum”, your name is. We’re actually making experience can be a “braid” which had appeared in!

This is the experience unbearable for the fans.

Sakura Bussan Museum here ↓


If you would like to experience the making braid because there is also a final acceptance time will recommend that to come from examining the business hours of Sakura Bussan Museum.


Braid-making is how so can be from 500 yen.

It’s cheap.

It will be so cheap.

And get me the recipe, braid made is you can bring back.


By the way, here is a sample ↓

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name),I want to touch more in the world.

I want to experience on your own. It is recommended for anyone who wants.

I think enough Arica visit to the memories making a couple.

By the way, it is also sold braid that was finished for the clumsy person.

The shrine has become the temple water shrine of the model?

Well, Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Many of those who saw the I think that is a fan of RADWIMPS.

Since I am also a one of the fan.

This cut to be used in the movie in the scene through which “Zen zen zense” of RADWIMPS ↓


Also it went to Hieda shrine that became a model (the Holy Land) of this shrine.

Your name is. Shrine became Miyamizu shrine of the model that had appeared to have been variously said to each blog there theories.

Am I even tried to go to Hieda shrine to rely on the Holy Land pilgrimage information of other blogs, but we certainly feel that something is different in the red torii itself is a thing.



It is speculation, but, from here and there also Torii part of the temple water shrine to collect information are considered they may have one of the landscape.

Well, at least Hie Shrine your name is. Since it is true that has become a model, loss visit I do not think there is.

Your name is. The pilgrimage because surprisingly shrine are many appeared to but temple, draw a fortune Nari buy amulets to worship.

Nante’s also might be fun.

By the way, Hie also to the shrine there is free parking.

However, because it is for the customer who comes to worship, visit only take photos of the purpose is the NG so annoying.

↓ entrance here is Hie Shrine


As you climb the stairs from there


There is a torii.

If this torii also color Akakere your name is. And are you also feel similar to.


Tteka is no longer “This is your name just by looking at the torii. I’m of Torii? It will become me. ”


Your name to place with a red torii visible in the back has been introduced just is. Is the torii that is in the Holy Land.
%e5%90%9b%e3%81%ae%e5%90%8d%e3%81%af-%e8%81%96%e5%9c%b0_%e6%97%a5%e6%9e%9d%e7%a5%9e%e7%a4%be_%e6%b0%b7%e8%8f%93It is this ↓

There is also a Chozu office.

In addition, there is also the approach which extends to just below from Torii front.

Feel of this handrail is exactly like anything Suga Shrine.




“Hieda Shrine” has also become a holy place of “Anime Hyouka”

Speaking Hie Shrine, Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Hieda shrine has also appeared as a sacred place of anime that Kyoto Animation has produced not only the “Hyouka(氷菓)”.

Here is a staircase up to the shrine Hieda  (used in Anime Hyouka opening) ↓


There has been beautifully reproduced.

Recall but it is high.


I’ve also popular work the way the animation studio that Kyoto Animation recently “Koe no katachi” also produced.

Because it was very good work How will try voice of form also see if there is a chance.

By the way, it is Gifu Prefecture also the form of the Holy Land of the voice.

“kita-Wakamiya Shrine”

This Keta Wakamiya Shrine is a Shinto shrine that was used in two of the scene.

It is a continuation of the story that the torii of Hie shrine that was just introduced slightly different, but the lantern was similar to the torii that was somehow to the approach of the Keta Wakamiya Shrine at the bottom of this torii.


Torii, which was in the approach of the Keta Wakamiya Shrine is here ↓


I feel you are somehow similar and look to do this.

Maybe, torii of Keta Wakamiya Shrine is I might have become a model.

Because there is a perfectly free parking in Keta Wakamiya Shrine The point is also coming by car.

But the number of parking is rather less.

Michichu think safe or to avoid because near there is also a house.

Here is the entrance of the torii ↓

It is big.




By the way, Keta Wakamiya Shrine’s approach also your name. It is used by ↓

%e5%90%9b%e3%81%ae%e5%90%8d%e3%81%af%e3%80%80%e6%b0%97%e5%a4%9a%e8%8b%a5%e5%ae%ae%e7%a5%9e%e7%a4%be%e3%80%80%e8%81%96%e5%9c%b0It is here ↓

Somehow I think it is the ish.

Landscape visible from the middle of the approach is the beautiful countryside landscape.

You should mind is washed and come people are exhausted in the city.


I tried a little picture since the sun had come out.

And, here it is the main hall.


It was really a beautiful shrine in its natural rich place.

Power plant trefoil blew up


Power plant trefoil blew up in the movie.

Here also the model has been taken to look for it ish location because it was vague.

I’m sorry when I different.

↓ scene here is in the movie




It has been grand to blow up.

In, the holy place of the power plant the three-leaf blew up has been taken to make a speculation that it is the Hokuriku Electric Power Company Higashi power plant ↓


Like and not like, such as similar Speaking similar …

Because it was downright subtle, well for reference.

JR Kadokawa station near the bus stop

Here is also a scene that Taki is coming to Itomori the town to look for a trefoil.

The name of this bus stop is seems “Ochiai bus stop”.


Where I am glad that also come with a train at the bus stop near the JR Kadokawa station.

I’d visited in the car, I was taken by the Standing instead turnover and multiple paths stationed in other.

Your name is. People who are pilgrims of the Holy Land was surprised too much.

Actually taken was Ochiai bus stop is here ↓


It had also put notes in.

Is another free pages did not.

It is a fun person to see than writing.


By the way because this place is once facing the road there is also a traffic volume there Resona.

At the time of shooting Let caution.

Here also because there is no exact address you leave introduced in GPS coordinates.

When you enter a search window to the following characters, such as Google Maps that place will come out.


Nagano Prefecture Suwa lake.

Is followed by Nagano Prefecture Suwa will introduce to the location where the scene (the Holy Land) of the lake “Itomori lake” in the Nagano Prefecture.

Before I come to Lake Suwa, Itomori lake is Toka not exist, But have written various Toka it not Ppoku was softening yarn protect lake Ppoka’ Looking at the Lake Suwa.

“Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)” Lake Suwa, which is the Holy Land of I went to the Tateishi park


Well, one of the locations that are to have become a holy place of Itomori town and Itomori lake but is Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture.

I In addition to Lake Suwa far, than similar in your kettle of Zao in Yamagata Prefecture? Toka, Toka Hishima “Aogashima” that can not be reached only by boat or helicopter from Tokyo, is similar to the “ping walking lake” that it is overseas! ?

Nante introduced but, after all Lake Suwa seems true of the Holy Land.

By the way, Lake Suwa is, seems lake that was born in the wake of the fault has moved.

… It’s not a lake made of meteorite fall.


Well, Lake Suwa to say Lake Suwa is a holy place is fairly wide.

Such wide your name among the Lake Suwa is. That has become a sacred place is “Tateishi park”.


Prospects Square like a park, Are You there were many that have come to picnic in the families because there is also a playground equipment if there Square.

Lake Suwa overlooking from Tateishi park was really beautiful.

Here I tried to shoot with the panorama function of the iPhone, but it is very beautiful there is also fine weather thing ↓


It is also good to eat lunch while watching the Lake Suwa because the was down the stairs there is a square.

I think that it is beautiful night view and stars definitely night.

Since the Tateishi park is a Nagano scenic spot overlooking the Lake Suwa, It is also recommended as a date spot.

A place like this I want also to local. It is a superb view of about I think I.


This is the Holy Land of Itomori town and Itomori lake.

When it is said so it is somehow convinced.


It is lined with homes along the shores of Lake Suwa.

I tried to take a little zoom.



It is also equipped with toilets observatory Shi there is also a vending machine Shi is also perfectly Parking in Lake Suwa.


But space in the parking lot is narrowing slightly.

Your name is. Also there that you are in the Holy Land, it’s the same outside the prefecture number of the car there were many.


By the way, we have a long slide in the Tateishi park, but had been closed.



The reason for the closure is here

20-year-old man who came to tourism from Saitama Prefecture in Tateishi park of Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture on September 20, has met with an accident that broke his right thigh slipped a large slide that are wet in the rain.

The city had been urged not to use the slide in the rain from before, but in order to further attention, has decided to temporarily close the slide until the additional attention signboard.

News excerpt

Well, no doubt it is an annoying story, but those you’ve hurt is unavoidable.

I just think that it was good not occur death.

Your name even just is. Because it was incidents in which one after another complaint against the Holy Land pilgrimage, it must be borne in mind the manners and common sense a certain behavior.

This slide, is longer in the.


In addition, the Tateishi park tried to take because it was also blooming cosmos.

But it is good to feel free to these photos and carry a single-lens reflex can take.



It is by all means want to go with a single-lens reflex camera from the wide-angle is when to go to the Holy Land pilgrimage.

The pilgrimage is recommended single-lens reflex camera.

Tateishi park was a good location (· ∀ ·) good !!

But watch out if the road to get to the Tateishi park is operated on the road that do not get used so strangely was small.

And the road bikes and motorcycles often, is aware that blind spot is large.

Could not be taken knitted


Concrete bridge that became a school road model of the three-leaf “Fujinoki Bridge”

Nagano Prefecture, it’s also the hometown of Makoto Shinkai director.

Makoto Shinkai director would have been fascinated by the rich natural landscape of Nagano.

This time I did not go, but the model (the Holy Land) of the bridge that is a school route of trefoil There are also properly.

Makoto Shinkai that have appeared also in the supervision of the video interview in the Nagano Prefecture of concrete called “Fujinoki Bridge” bridge.

I do not know whether there is a place so have never been, but leave to introduce only once the location of the Fujinoki Bridge.

Fujinoki Bridge of GPS coordinates is here


Itomori town convenience store

Your name is. Convenience store in was in appeared in Itomori town.

It is a convenience store that was in the school route of trefoil.

But is this convenience store, in fact I’m had appeared Makoto Shinkai director of the previous previous work even “5 Centimeters Per Second”.

I had come out after all I thought that there’ve seen somewhere.

Story will change, but Yukino teacher your name appeared the language teacher in the previous work “Kotonoha of the garden” is. It had appeared in the beginning of.

No way I was surprised because I did not think to appear here.

Model of the Mituha had been through “Itomori high school.”

Itomori high school model the Mituha attend (the Holy Land) is not exactly the same thing, but it seems there are things close.

It is the “Hida City Nishi Elementary School Furukawa”.

It became the model seems to be the elementary school, not in high school.

Indeed to get to sell near the school in a car the house outside the prefecture number is the Holy Land I think annoying this time self-restraint.

Please look to check there for more information about them so I think some people are summarized in the other site.

Unmanned station is your name of Akita. In as of the Holy Land surge of popularity


By the way, do you know that there is a station that has gained popularity of this place.

Located in the mountains of Akita Prefecture Kitaakita “Akita inland running through train” unmanned station “Maeda-Minami Station” of the name of the movie kun. In I trefoil it has become a hot topic that it is exactly like the station was on the train to go to Tokyo to look for a waterfall.

After all, it became the topic of the spark is like SNS.

Your name is. But “waiting room” or “utility pole” from immediately after published Maeda-Minami Station, seems to feel the “placement of the stairs,” and the back of the mountain has become entirely To topic.

Your name is. Every day is an avid fan and catch a glimpse because the station that appeared in, seems to have gathered in the “Maeda-Minami Station” of Akita Prefecture Kitaakita.

Also new Holy Land was born.

By the way, your name is. Is official, because not announced the exact Holy Land, just maybe, “Maeda-Minami Station” is your name is. It could also be that you have become a sacred place.

I think let’s stop by any time I also next time you return home in Yamagata.



What was the feeling?

I also saw wrote Arekore, but in fact to the Tour the Holy Land, “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)”For the first time.

So, we have quite a hard time because it was taken with a willy-nilly with the ipad from arriving to local not do homework too.

Holy Land of the shooting was very seriously because the composition is also important.

It has recommended that the homework before you go if possible.

I due to too much walking superfluous, I was tired …

Everyone movie “Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) “A person who has been affected to watch please try it by all means the pilgrimage is!

But, I thought it is a good What city (· ∀ ·) good !!

Supplementary explanation

In the Holy Land pilgrimage went this time, I came I Zhou on the basis of the Holy Land information were investigated by using the net and media.

There are several theories about the holy place of the location. Your name is. There is also. I think that it is such as the mistake of the information that you have not published the official even clear the Holy Land.

I am glad if you can point out if there is a notice of a point.

In addition, the Holy Land and those may be Tanoshikere the same as the travel I have been interpreted.

Come enjoy your name even those who are in the future the Holy Land pilgrimage. You have to come immersed in the world.


いいね ! しよう

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